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[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commented2.2m Cheap DX5 DX7 Brand ECO solvent printer (2014-07-18 03:44:34)5
my countri Bolivia dont have sea port is posible fater send by sea can continiun by road?
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yes , no problem we can hip by seaand continite to deliver by road , please tell me which is your city name
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commented1.6M Cheap Brand DX7 head Eco outdoor printer (2014-07-17 08:50:57)5
Boa noite gostaria de saber qual o preço mai em conta das impressoras de tinta solvente que vocês tem. Também gostaria de saber se entrega no Brasil e é incluso e frete.
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english ,please
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commented3.2m Best Brand DX5 DX7 Head eco solvent outdoor printer (2014-07-14 12:55:27)5
Hi... i need to know the shipping cost and time to chile of 3.2 M. CY-3302-LARGE FORMAT OUTDOOR PRINTER... thank for the answer...
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shipment by sea cost 400USD to chile and take abot 35 days deliver
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedA3 flatbed omnipotent printer (2014-07-12 18:53:22)5
Dear sir, What printers can print on T-shirt material and glass / wood using the same ink? Please caption. B Regard Rachmat
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yes , this flatbed A3 printer can printing T-shirt , glass,wood printing with same ink eco sovent ink
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commented2.2m Cheap DX5 DX7 Brand ECO solvent printer (2014-07-11 11:57:05)5
hi iam very interesting for this machine can you send me more information please, and if is posible ship that to my country Bolivia by postmail, and not for dhl,fedex,ups or another currier mail thanks.
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yes we can ship to you by sea
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedPrecise Paper Cutter CY-450V+ (2014-07-06 14:54:33)5
hello how r u i am arif hussain i have work in oman i need this cutting machine in oman please reply in my email what procedure Regards Arif hussain
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we have this paper cutter CY-450V+,if you want to buy we can ship by sea to you at 250USD
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commented1.8M Cheap Brand DX5 head eco outdoor printer (2014-06-27 18:44:42)5
Please what is the maximum print with of the printer because on item number 6 you wrote "Automatic feeding system for roll materials which width max 1.6m." But on the technical details you wrote "Maximum Print Width 1800mm" 2. You wrote "Equiped with platform sucking fans strongly. Dry fans customers optional." Does this means it does not have the drying fan so I have to buy it if I want & how much?
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Cheap Brand DX5 head eco solvent printer 1.8m max printing size is 1.8m, if you are know very good in DX5 head eco solvent printer ,so you can choose this one model ,and shipping cost by sea 250USD
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commented1.6M Cheap Brand DX7 head Eco outdoor printer (2014-06-24 14:54:15)5
Hello. Please the cost to ship to Auckland New Zealand. Thankyou.
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[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commented3D art double head cnc router 6090 (2014-06-10 18:10:47)5
Dear sir, Thank you. If a reliable machine for making wooden doors but can also be used to make molds from metal which model? CNC models anywhere (small and large) which is suitable for use for the purposes of mass production? What flatbed printer can print images on bottles and mugs? Thank you for the information that has been and will be given. B Regard Rachmat
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reliable cnc router for wooden door and metal : and flatbed printer for printng bottles and mugs link :
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedfabric textile flag printer (2014-05-20 15:30:12)5
Hello! I am interested in printing machine CY-Fabric. As its gross weight and volume. Can you send it to the warehouse URUMQI, which I will point
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no problem we can ship to your warehouse,can i know where is your agent warehouse, waiting for you reply
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