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A2 UV Printer 420mm*900mm

A2 UV Printer 420mm*900mm


  • NO.:CY-A2
    Quantity: 90 Set
  • Weight:180.000kilogram
  • Sales time:2013-01-09
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Goods Brief:

Our digital flatbed printers can print designs on all kinds of materials, such as wood, glass, crystal, ABS, acrylic, metal, stone,leather.
The printer can directly connect with the computer. You can directly print designs on objects as long as you have digital designs. The printer can do well at one time no matter how complicated the design is . The printed design on the object is waterproof and fastness.
It also prevents ultraviolet radiation and is able to endure rubbing. Our printer can be operated easily and used widely. The price of the printer is very low.
Printable Size: 450mmX1100 mm
8-color Ink Tanks ,110ml/color
Industrial Type ,enough to print large quantities of media
High-printing Speed, A4 full color (1440dpi)/100 sec.
45 cm pringting height
Automatically check printing height
Automatically Online
Print many media at one time
Saving Power Mode
Low input cost
Printing mode
8-clor ink jet
Max. printing width:420mmx920mm
720dpi, 1440dpi, 2880dpi
Max. thickness of material: 45cm
Printing speed : A4, full-format, full-color, 100 sec.
Power supply: AC220/110±10, 50HX~60HZ Power≤450W
Transmission type:Universal serial bus (USB)
Working environment:Temperature: 5~35°C;
humidity: 20~80%
Weight:150KG (net), 200KG (gross)
Volume weight:180KG Driver:MicrosoftWindows98/2000/Me/XP /win7
MacOS9.1 or higher
External size
Jet cleaning type
External size
Ink feed type:880ml (110ml/color)

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