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Large Size Manual Heat press machine

Large Size Manual Heat press machine


  • NO.:Manual heat press 6080
    Quantity: 10 Set
  • Weight:100.000kilogram
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1.The hot plate uses the  special  ultra  fine  line -tube technology,  can  effectively  keep  the temperature  equilibrating  and  stabilizing .

2. Entire  digital  temperature  and  time  display, the  temperature errporrange  at  ±2 degree,.

3.Design  according  to kinesiology,  operation is  relaxed, pressure  iseven , the  connesting  rod  pressure  control, the  adjustment  turneddistance is short , but  the  scope is wide .

4.The  machine's figuration  is  artistic , in possession  fo the  European  and  american  style , and  the performance  is  good .

Voltage 110V/220V/(optional)
Power 1800W-6000W
Temperature range 0-399degree
Time range 0-60sec  0-30sec
Air cylinder traving schedule distance 125cm
Working pressure 8KG/CM2
Work table size  60*80cm
Weight 80-100kg

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