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customized A2 UV printer 330mm*1050mm

customized A2 UV printer 330mm*1050mm

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Goods Brief:

we can customized our A3 UV flatbed printer size to be 330mm*1050mm. if any question ,please contact with us.

so UV ink for direct printing on all hard materials, such as : wood, metal sheet, plastic, acrylic,phone case, and all hard materails.

And Eco solvent ink for printing outdoor materials, 

Textile ink for direct printing on T-shirt, facbirc, cotton cloth.
1.UV adopts water cooling circulation system, ensuring low temperature operation and longer UV lamp life;
2.It can print white ink continually without block, thus a breakthrough of traditional digital printing technology;
3.UV lamp can be started and stopped at any time, without preheating, time-saving;
4.UV light curing ink, no pollution, no odor, immediately cured, won't fade;
5.High-precision printing, resolution can up to 1440dpi;
6.Using linear mute rail, stable,reliable and high accuracy can be assured;

Specifications  Details
 Model Number    CY-A3-UV-Printer-Plus size
 Ink Type      LED UV Ink Or Eco solvent ink Or sublimation ink
 Printer Head      EPSON 1390 1500W Printer Head
 Ink Color      C M Y K + W W  / C M Y K + lc mc   ( Support white ink for printing all dark materials)
 Print Size   330mm×1050mm
 Print Thickness  0-200mm
 Advantage  High Resolution,Precise Positioning,Automatic adjustment for print height
 Print Technology  LED UV Lamp Cured,Smart Bidirectional Printing,Auto Nozzle checking,Auto Nozzles cleaning system,Smart size of ink  droplet
 Protection      Manual adjust for the tray height,easy protection for the head
 Up/Down      Adjust by knob button
 Print Speed  About 173 seconds/A3 Size Photo Image
 Print Weight   0-20KG
 Ink Assistant  Directly insert ink tube to ink bottle
 Tray  Glass Tray(Tray Size 34*72CM)
Working Condition   Temperature:20-30,Humidity  40%-70%
 Print Software    Acro RIP(Windows 2000,Windows XP,Win 7,Vista System)
 Connection      USB2.0/1.1/3.0 Port
 Power Require  110-240V,Around 60W
 Computer Sys     Windows XP,Vista,Windows 2000/2003/7, Win7
 Printer Weight  70kg with package)
 Package Size      110*68*66CM

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printing on Pen:

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