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Micro-Adjustable Screen Printing Machine

Micro-Adjustable Screen Printing Machine

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  • NO.:Micro-Adjustable screen
    Quantity: 100 set
  • Weight:32.000kilogram
  • Sales time:2013-06-24
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  • Market price:$295.20
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Goods Brief:

Based on the need of customers and market, our company R&D the 1-1 screen printer, which overcomes shortages of traditional press, such as without micro-devices, only one fixed platen and can not put on the T-shirt, pillow, bag and so on. It is especially suitable for printing non-woven environment-friendly shopping bags.
This equipment includes the main printing device and three platens with different sizes.

Main Features
This equipment includes the main printing device and three platens with different sizes.Screwing two bolts, users can replace the shirt board easily to overprint different substrates.

Overprint is a significant feature
The significant feature brings it wide applications, such as T-shirts, pillowcases, non-woven bags, etc.
All-around micro-devices and lock device
Micro-device makes screen and shirt board joint evenly, micro-device up and down with different substrates, also for left and right, back and forth, which ensures the precision of printing.
The lock devices can make every part stable and it also ensures the precision of printing.
The best application for these 1-1 flatbed screen press is to get halftone effect.
Using this micro device, professional printer also can use these press to apply multi-color printing.
Adjusting the position of hammers facilitates rising and falling for screen with different sizes and weights.
Utilizing electrostatic spraying and electroplating, durable, easy clear, no rust.

Shipping weight:70LB(32KG)
Package size:30"x20"x14"(76x51x36cm)
Printing Head Weight: 22Lb (9.7kg)
Pallet Sizes:
23.6”x17.7” (60x45cm)
11.8”x9.4” (30x24cm)


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