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Dye indoor printing ink

Dye indoor printing ink

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  • NO.:CY-waterbased
    Quantity: 100 bottle
  • Weight:1.000kilogram
  • Sales time:2013-02-23
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Goods Brief:

Ink specification
1. This is water based liquid , it is non inflammables .
2, Vaccum packing , uts net weight is about 1000g tolerance
about 15g.
3. Quality guarantee within 12 months(seal), 2 months( unseal),
refer to the production batch number to seee the production date .
4,Storage temperature : avoid light shinning room-temperature.
(5-50 degrees)
5. Of insoluble particles smaller than 200nm.
6. Use environment at 15-30 degrees.
Caution :
1, Irritating to eyes . respiratory system and skin. Avoid contact
with skin and eyes .
2, Please clean your hand if this material sticks on your hand or
skin .
3, Please keep this material and its container away from your kids.
4, Use it often after unsealing , in contact with air condition can not
long stored.
5, Please place this material in the shade area , room temperature
storage , avoild high temperature , low temperature and direct
6, It is soft packing , don't stress or use sharp prick packaging .
7, Read the instructions before using .
8, Disposal should be in accordance with local state or national legislation .