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How to make money with a cnc Router
guangzhou crossway industry co,.ltd company homepage / 2013-01-11

1. Make Wood Signs is one of way to money money by a cnc router
Custom wooden signs are an ideal way to personalize a space. You can make address plaques, humorous signs or anything else you can dream of. Stencils and template kits ensure consistent lettering on the sign. Freehand designs add a bit of flair to your sign. A routered edge increases visual interest.

2. cut acrylic to making advertising.

3.A computer numerical control router, also called a CNC router, can be used to cut almost any design from wood. They can also engrave wood, metal and acrylic. Several frames can be made from the same piece of wood during the same cutting session if the router is programmed to do so. A computer-aided design, or CAD, program is typically used to plot the route the CNC router will take and the design that will be produced.

3. making 3D art to sell.
do some of 3D art on furniture,and developing furniture business.