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Shipping Delivery
guangzhou crossway industry co,.ltd company homepage / 2014-01-31

Products shipment and delivery

guangzhou crossway industry co.,ltd has shiped more than 100 types of equipments to all the world.

has made lost of customer trust.  and more than 50 different country customer has visited our showing room

and see our machine working in our company to made orders.

now follows are the steps to let all the world client to know how we will be shipping goods.

1. before you are interstered our equipment or media or equipment part, please contact with us.

2. chat and communicate with our sales, and our sales will be best to answer will kinds of customer

3. after customer finish all question and understond all transaction with the order , so customer can inquire proforma invoice from the sales, 

4. more over, customer has received the proforma invoice, so you can pay TT or western union to the amount money

5. finally. after done the payment or western union, so please send the bank receipt and western union receipt to the sales by email,

6. sales will send the payment to our finance department, and sales will pinting the proforma invoice to the technical departments to arrange the order

7. after the techical will be test the equipment and clear all items as the profoma invoice , so the sales will book shipment with our shipping agent.

8. after the orders will out to china, so our agent will sent our company the BL paper if ship by sea

9. the sales will b sending the customer BL paper and packing list and original invoice to the customer email , and finally the orders will arrive in customer area , so the customer which can printing the original invoice ,packing list and BL paper to pack up all orders as you ordered from us